Thank you for attending the HOT BLIND DEBATES!

23 Oct



Thank you so much to all the Spectators and Debaters who made the Hot Blind Debates/RW Bakery Coop benefit a success! A special thank you to Milwaukee Day Crew, the Ciaccios, Peter, Erin, and Angie and to the community sponsors who donated awesome prizes: Public House, The Riverwest Coop, People’s Books Coop, Classic Slice, Cafe Corazon, the Tool Shed, Comet Cafe, and Honey Pie Cafe. You’re the greatest!


Check out the awesome prize Erin T. made for the winners, a.k.a “Master Debaters”:


HOT BLIND DEBATES: a benefit for us!

9 Oct



The HOT BLIND DEBATES are so much fun! This time around, they are a benefit for us! Here are the details:

Think that you can do better than ol’ Mitt & Barack? Grab a beer, get on the soap box, and show us what you got!

Where: The Riverwest Public House. 815 E. Locust St, Riverwest, Milwaukee.

When: Thursday, October 18th. The party starts at 7pm.


Cover charge: $3. All proceeds go to the Riverwest Bakery Cooperative.


  • VOTING: A Citizen’s Duty or Waste of Time?
  • EVENING ENTERTAINMENT: 50 Shades of Grey VS. Rachel Maddow
  • MKE POLICE DEPARTMENT: Public Defender or Public Oppressor?
  • CONSERVATIVE BADASSES: Chuck Norris VS Clint Eastwood

The winners will go on to compete in the MYSTERY DEBATE ROUNDS which will be announced no sooner than five minutes before the debate begins.

The winning team will be crowned Milwaukee Master Debaters! Debaters can also win prizes fromThe Tool ShedClassic SliceThe Riverwest Co-op,People’s Books Co-opCometHoney Pie, and Cafe Corazon.

We will not be at the Riverwest Gardeners’ Market this Sunday (9/23) !

20 Sep

Due to scheduling conflicts we will not be at the RW Gardeners’ Market this Sunday. We apologize for any inconvenience and will see you on September 30th!


Visit us at Center Street Daze!

7 Sep

Make sure to stop by and see you this Saturday, September 8th, at Center Street Daze! We’ll be sharing a table with the RW Coop Grocery Store & Cafe. We will be baking soft pretzels, molasses cookies, corn bread, and cinnamon rolls.

And don’t forget to visit us at the RW Gardeners’ Market every Sunday from 10am – 4pm! See you then!

August Newsletter

16 Aug


Hello Friends and Bakery Enthusiasts!

We hope this e-mail finds you in good health and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having! Thanks to those of you who’ve been coming out to the Riverwest Gardeners Market every week, and a special thanks to those of you who rode through our checkpoint during the Riverwest 24. We gave away hundreds of cookies and had a blast keeping you energized!

Building off the enthusiasm and love we’ve been feeling at our market table and the various community events we’ve been at, we want to make sure you all know the many ways you can become involved in the bakery cooperative. We need folks who have many different talents and skills, or those who are willing to learn! We have written to you about this previously, but it never hurts to remind you that we are looking for people to…

  • Sell baked goods at the Gardeners Market on Sundays. We are signing people up right now for August 19 and 26. No experience is necessary – all you need is a desire to meet and serve our customers. Shifts run from 9am – 1pm (open) and 1pm – 5pm (close).
  • Aid in writing a business plan and cooperative articles. This one might require a bit more background knowledge, so if you have it – share it! Even an hour or two would be beneficial for us.
  • Share their artistic talent by helping us create flyers, banners and logos. We’ve got some talent of our own already, but it never hurts to have more minds on the job.

If you would like to help out in any of these areas, please contact Pam at You can also come to our next meeting – this Wednesday, August 15 at 6pm at the Riverwest Public House. We look forward to hearing from you!

Active volunteering isn’t the only way you can participate in the bakery cooperative. We’d like to remind you that we are always interested in your feedback, even if it’s just a quick e-mail to tell us you liked your cinnamon roll. However, we’re not averse to constructive criticism either. We like all types of feedback! Along those lines, if you aren’t seeing something at the market that you’d like to purchase – make a suggestion! We want to provide you with the bakery that you want to eat, but sometimes our mind-reading powers get a little rusty. Drop us a line with suggestions!

And it’s not just your suggestions we’re interested in. Some of you may remember a call for recipes at our initial tasting event in May. We are still open to submitted recipes – in fact we’d love to see them! We’re especially looking for your well-loved and well-tested family recipes, and if we decide to include it in our menu we’ll name it after you J

Lastly, we just want to let you know about some new things and changes you’ll be seeing at the market table over the next few weeks. First, we will be offering a special order form. You can fill it out one week, and the next week we will have your order waiting for you at the table! Keep this in mind especially for things like birthdays and holidays – we don’t sell things like whole pies or cakes, but we definitely know how to make ‘em! And the orders could be for just about anything – a dozen muffins, a few loaves of your favorite bread, some gluten-free cookies…you name it, we can (most likely) do it! You may have also noticed that we have been focusing more on muffins than tarts lately. We’re figuring you don’t mind too much since you’ve been buying up the muffins, but don’t fret if you’re missing the fruit tarts. We only use the best local fruits we can find, and right now is a bit of an off-time for summer fruits. The tarts will be back at the table as soon as the first apples start rolling off the trees. Or getting picked off, I suppose.

 As always, thanks for your love and support. We exist because of you!

xo Riverwest Bakery Cooperative

July Updates

6 Jul

Hello Everyone! Happy Summer!

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by our table at the Riverwest
Gardeners Market the last few Sundays between 10am and 4pm. We have been
baking our hearts out and you have been buying it up every week. For those
of you who haven’t stopped by, you’ll be happy to know that we have sold
out of bakery every Sunday!

While we have had a successful start to the farmers market season, we are
still in need of a lot of help and support. The bakery cooperative will be
meeting on Wednesday, July 18th at 6pm at the Riverwest Public House. If you have
interest in any of the following areas and are free tomorrow afternoon,
stop by and say hello.

Please consider which of these ways you can help us:

– ·      EQUIPMENT DONATIONS: We are building our kitchen from scratch.
Please check the donations tab on this website  to see what equipment we still need.Any donations are appreciated – gently used, lovingly used, even brand new!

– ·      SKILLED BAKERS: We are a small group of bakers. Ideally we
would like to grow our base of bakers, as everyone is volunteering their
time and summer schedules can be very busy. If you have baking experience,
please consider joining us!

– ·      NON-BAKING VOLUNTEERS: There is more involved in starting a
bakery cooperative other than actual baking. A few of the things we need
help with are:

o   Selling our baked goods on Sundays at the Gardeners Market

o   Writing a business plan and cooperative articles

o   Tabling at special events like summer festivals

o   Online media such as our website and Facebook page

o   Volunteer scheduling coordination

o   Artistic talent for creating flyers, banners and logos

If you have talents or desire in any of these areas, please contact us!

We would love to see you at the next general meeting! And don’t forget that the tastiest way
you can support us is by coming to the Riverwest Gardeners Market every
Sunday between 10am and 4pm and buying our delicious bakery.

In cooperation,
The Riverwest Bakery Cooperative

Success at Riverwest Gardeners’ Market

18 Jun

We had a great first day at the Riverwest Gardener’s Market! We sold out of all the strawberry-rhubarb tarts & provincial egg quiche in just an hour and a half! We will definitely make higher quantities for next week and will vary the fruit fillings as more ingredients come into season. We will continue making products for various diets: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free. Our plan is to try out some new recipes each week, so please remember to stop by next Sunday! And, yes, we do accept Quest cards!